Discover The Program That Helps Out Of Shape, Unconfident Guys Build Head Turning Physiques And Unstoppable Fitness That Gets Noticed!

Step into an all-new level of muscularity. This is your guaranteed solution to getting that sweet, shredded but strong athletic look you’ve always dreamed of.


When You Feel Fed Up And Frustrated By Who Looks Back In The Mirror Each Day, There Are Only 2 Choices:

1. You can ACCEPT your current circumstances and stay exactly where you are telling yourself a lie each day that you’re OK with it. Ignoring the fact you’re really tormented by watching all your clothes get tighter in all the wrong places and your forced to wear the baggy ‘fat hiding’ ones instead.

2. You can say to yourself ‘you know what, I’ve had enough of this sh*t’, and fight back against the “I’m OK with it” voices and make the conscious DECISION to make a change and become truly fit, strong, athletic and ultimately confident in the body you’ve sculpted.

And that’s exactly what all the guys I’ve already helped realised once they were able to take the first steps and overcome the daily challenges they were up against, having complete control over their body, fitness and health, they were in the position to fully enjoy waking up each day full of confidence, energy and most of all pride.

And that’s the reason I’ve made it my lifelong mission to help guys just like you.

There are to many guys beating themselves up everyday because their struggling.

YOU don’t have to carry on waking up every morning with zero energy and confidence feeling like you’re just ‘existing’ in the world going through the motions of life.

If you’re like most men…

  • You want to get leaner, stronger and more powerful…all at the same time
  • You want those jaw-dropping ‘see em through your shirt’ abs
  • You want to strip away fat while adding lead hard muscle to transform how you look in your favourite shirt

Well you, Yes…YOU can have ALL of these things.
I’m being serious.

It’s Time to Get Serious About Your Body

There’s no need for you to live a life of training and starvation diets to get that athletic ‘beach ready body’ you deserve.

Forget about the endless programs you’ve already tried and only seen depressingly average results.

Because I can tell you now, you don’t become the guy with the ‘Greek God’ physique through unconscious amounts of lifting weights without a strategy and starving yourself on a diet made up of chicken, rice, and broccoli.

Instead, you need to follow a completely different science-backed approach to get the body you want

And believe it or not..what I’m about to show you is far healthier, much more enjoyable, and above all…what I’m about to show you is going to be your ‘body blueprint’ for life.

The Sculpt Academy

The all-new, complete online body transformation program for motivated guys, with a committed desire to build a lean powerful body that turns heads.



  • Having that ‘heroic look’ when you hit the summer beach (think Brad Pitt in the movie Troy or Daniel Craig in James Bond)
  • Not just looking like you lift a few weights when you take your shirt off, but instead looking like you know what you’re doing to get above average results.
  • Earning that head-turning physique this summer…the one the women can’t help but notice (even when they’re with their partner)

If That Gets Your Attention, Then The Sculpt Academy Will Give You All This And So Much More

Who am I?

“Hi I’m Adam Collard – a friendly Geordie from up north. Most people have heard of me from the hit TV show Love Island but what most don’t know is I’ve been helping men transform their bodies for years in my own gym and private online transformation programs. I’m here to help YOU become the best version of yourself. At Adam Collard Fitness, we believe that everybody can get results with the right support in training, nutrition and mindset from our coaches.

No matter your starting point, training should make you feel at your best. And for this reason, it is our mission to educate, inspire and transform each and every single person who joins this academy. It’s not going to be easy…but it IS going to be worth it.”

You are going to have to put the work in, but with our expert coaching team at your side every step of the way to support and guide you, you’ll never feel like you’re ‘in the dark,’ confused or frustrated (like you might have experienced in the past).

Each day, you’re going to know exactly what you need to focus on to reach your body composition and health goals ready for summer.

You’re going to have a proven plan that will work – not just for a few weeks like most other BS programs out there – but a plan that will be with you for life. Think of this like your bible.

The Sculpt Academy Is Exclusive To Guys Who Want Life-Changing, Head-Turning Results

Positive change that not only transforms your body image, but also your mindset, fitness, and long-term health.

It’s not about whether you’re a beginner and you’ve no idea what you’re doing in the gym, or if you’ve been training for years, trying to achieve your goals…yet only achieved mediocre – at best – results.

We take every-single-person on as long as they’ve got the right mindset and are serious about wanting life-changing results.

We tailor every one of our coaching programs to where YOU are right NOW, which means you can be 100% confident and clear that you’re on the right path from day ONE.

Yes…the training sessions are going to push you

And Yes…it IS going to be a challenge

But we’ll be right by your side, right behind you, ensuring you stay on track and committed to moving your body (and life) upwards to the next level and beyond.

Looking Strong, Lean And Powerful Is No Where Near As Satisfying As Being Strong, Lean, And Powerful

Let’s just be clear…

This program WILL give you the edge over all the ‘1,000-curl zealots’ who clog up the gym floor. We’ll be uniting FULL-BODY, dynamic compound Olympic lifts along with muscle-fortifying assistance exercises to give you the final package:

The ripped, robust, athletic body that’s ultra-fit for function and ready for whatever the world throws at you.

What You Get

A Simple, Sustainable Nutrition Plan For Life

Forget bland, boring foods and not knowing what to eat in the right amounts – we’re going to make sure this nutritional blueprint serves you for the rest of your life and supports your goals. You’ll get everything to help you reach your goals in the fastest, most efficient way possible. It’s a system to keep your results for the rest of your life.

Easy-To-Follow Training Program

The personal training program you’ll get is structured, progressive and based on YOUR lifestyle. Simplicity is the key to staying consistent and committed to life-changing results in the shortest time possible – and that’s exactly what we’re going to deliver. We’ll keep you on your toes. Every workout is designed to improve YOU as a person. Whether that’s heavy lifting to improve your strength, dynamic moves to focus on your power, or high-intensity exercises to hone your metabolic conditioning – it will be a full-rounded, full-body challenge.

Complete Access to All Our Expert Coaches

Possibly the most valuable component of your entire journey. Our coaches will be in there multiple times a day, answering your most pressing questions. Not only that, you’ll also be joined by other guys on a similar journey to you so you can share insights and never lose motivation.

How It Works

We’re going to keep you on your toes. Every workout is going to include heavy lifting to improve strength and develop dynamic moves for power, as well as high intensity finishers.

All the training and nutrition programs in the world do absolutely nothing without expert coaches to pick you up when you hit brick walls, and help you smash through them.

We will hold you accountable like you’ve never experienced before to make sure you stay fully committed and on-track to hitting your body goals.

(and that’s exactly why we can guarantee you those head-turning results)

You’ve Got Two Choices…

#1 Choose to stay exactly where you are, and continue being questionably ‘comfortable’ and most probably miserable with the way you look.

#2 Make a powerful decision, follow the program as it’s mapped out, and within a few short weeks, you’ll see rapid changes as you build and sculpt the ‘beach ready’ body you’ve always wanted.

BUT…your biggest risk right now is to do nothing at all.

We’ve opened the door for you. It’s up to you to walk through it… Over to you…